Statement of Faith

We have a short and simple statement of faith.

We as a church believe the following

  1. The inspiration of the Bible and its authority in all matters of faith and practice.
  2. The fullness of deity and humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. The atonement made on the Cross by our Lord for the sin of the world. The bodily resurrection of Christ, His ascension into heaven and His promised second coming to earth.
  4. Salvation, by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
  5. The indwelling presence and work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer and the church, empowering and imparting spiritual gifts.
  6. Membership of the church being for those who have received salvation.

This is actually a very short list and much more could be said about each thing, but by having a statement of faith which does not seek to define every detail we allow for the variety of people who God has brought into our fellowship and leave room for people and the church as a whole to change and grow in their understanding of God without having to rewrite the constitution each time.  It also reminds us that we may believe many things, but only a few are really central. A good saying to live by when thinking about the variety of Christian belief is:

 “In the essentials, unity; iStock_000002536597Medium

in non-essentials, liberty;

in everything, charity.”