2017: Year of Jubilee 

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Jubilee Messages: June – December 

“What this will free us to be…..”

Jubilee Sermons -Jubilee / Jubilee Revisited / Jubilee Rest … teaching from Joseph, Abigail and Asaph ready to listen to now

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Update April 2017

 In the next weeks you will be hearing more about Jubilee as we move together towards it’s outworking – but already news of our year’s focus is spreading, the Baptist Magazine has asked for a few words about our jubilee intentions. Below is the copy for you to read- or you can wait for the next release.

Baptist Magazine Article

In December the Church at 504 Blockhouse Bay Rd turns 100.Here stands the old chapel from which Blockhouse Bay Baptist grew. We are using this as an opportunity to celebrate what God has been doing on the land for a century and proclaim a Jubilee year.

Leviticus 25 spells out the requirements of the Jubilee year but it’s not simply a ‘drop and drag’ for the church. Jubilee was to be a time of total reliance on God as provider. Some work has been done to see what this means for us and we are excited about: “What this will free us as to be”

With these two things in mind we have four key components that we are preparing to undertake this year.

  1. Reconciliation: Jubilee was to be announced on the Day of Atonement- part of the preparation for this day was the seeking forgiveness and reconciliation among the nation. Through teaching, preaching and a forgiveness seminar we hope that people will be encourage to reconcile to one another. Bringing unity and healing to us as a church. Added to this process will be a reconciler, more than a mediator who will, if necessary be available to help and facilitate walking towards forgiveness
  1. Liberty: Jubilee released people from debt and bondage- allowing them to return to their home, work their own fields again. A fund is to be set up “for freedom-“not to satisfy debt- but rather allowing people to take steps forward i.e.; paying for a person to buy steel capped boots and building tools for a construction course. This is open to the wider community and spread through already existing relationships and networks. 
  1. Rest: We aim to move for a few weeks to one service-asking others to come and minister to us in this time. This provides rest for the church and some humbling as we acknowledge that we too can be ministered to and that we don’t have all the answers. We hope to allow long term volunteers ‘recreation’ at a retreat centre for their own refreshment and renewal.
  1. Celebration: Held the weekend of December 2nd.-3rd thanking God for his hand in the last 100 years, celebration the past, this year’s accomplishment and looking to the future.

None of this can be done without Him so we looking forward to seeing God’s hand at work as we seek Him this year.


The Jubilee Vision 2017

Pastor Shelley presented  ‘The Jubilee Vision 2017’ for Blockhouse Bay Baptist Church at the AGM held on Monday 20 March 2017.   

Here are the key points from the presentation: (click here to see the slideshow)

There are four main components of Jubilee: 

  1. Reconciliation / Restoration
  2. Rest
  3. Pronouncement of Freedom / Liberty
  4. Celebration

Each component necessitates reliance on God, each component has a spiritual and practical outworking and each is tied to the other …


  • Jubilee came after the Day of Atonement – a time of national reconciliation and repentance.
  • Jubilee allowed time and space for broken relationships to be healed.
  • Jubilee restored people to place (home, historically owned lands, place to work from)

For us in the year ahead it could look like:

  • Teaching from experts (Dr Phil Halstead – as an example)
  • Forgiveness seminar run this year
  • A particular space, process and facilitation set up for mediation

Internally / externally / trans – personally

  • Further dialogue around Treaty of Waitangi and the church / individual attitudes toward it

2.  REST

  • Jubilee meant that there was an increased dependence on God for the year ahead – Finances and Food.
  • Jubilee was a time for physical rest – allowing time with family and community.

For us in the year ahead it could look like:

  • Providing a rest period for long term volunteers
  • Condensing Sunday resources by having one service
  • Bringing in other groups to take Sunday services
  • Retreats for those who wish to attend
  • Small group formats change for a slight period


  • Jubilee meant freedom from serving as a debt slave – with a ‘bonus’ of sorts
  • Land used by others for harvest was returned to family
  • Jubilee involved the correction of inequalities

For us ahead in the year ahead it could look like:

  • A Jubilee Fund set up to support people in the community moving into freedom ie funds for work boots and tools for building course / rehab costs
  • Looking at what and who we are “free to be” because of God’s work
  • Spreading the good news of Christ and life transformed


  • For how God had sustained us
  • For all God has done in us
  • For the past achievements
  • For the future

For us ahead in the year ahead it could look like:

  • A weekend celebration in December that celebrates God’s blessing
  • Launch or report on the Jubilee Fund
  • Interaction with Maori