Mission Statement

Mission Statement – (what we will do to reach our vision)

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The depiction of the Holy Spirit as a dove (Gian Lorenzo Bernini) in the aspe of St Peter’s Basilica by Dnalor 01 – Own work, CC BY-SA3.0 at https://commons.wkimedia.org/w/index.php?

Receive: We will gratefully receive the love and mercy of God through the work of Holy Spirit in our lives, especially though, but not limited to, repentance, ex­­­periencing God in worship, the ministry of the word, prayer, baptism, the Lord’s supper and enjoying the fellowship of the church family.

Respond: We respond to the love of God as we worship together at church meetings and consciously serve him and enjoy his presence in the varied arenas of our daily lives.

Reshape: We are transformed by the love of God in the processes of discipleship and sanctification. We intentionally seek to be changed through encountering the Holy Spirit, studying the scriptures, prayer, fellowship, accountability, and putting our faith into practice.

Reach-out: We share the love and goodness of God with others. Through our deeds of mission and ministry we show the transforming love of God in our community and in the wider world.