Sunday Services

Sunday services are a big focus of our church family life. They are a time when we all meet together. Each week is different but you can expect to spend some time singing, some time praying and to hear some teaching from the Bible. While we love it when people join in, if you want to come just to observe and see what goes on that is fine.

Our 10am service aims to include all ages from 0-100yrs, with a relaxed atmosphere, fun at appropriate times but also to take seriously the important work of worship, prayer and hearing from God’s word.

The 6:30pm service is more informal and attended primarily (but not exclusively) by youth and younger adults. The music is louder than in the mornings and there is no provision for children (although they are still welcome to come).

Worship: Singing songs together is one way in which we can worship God together. As we sing declaring God’s love, goodness and power we encourage each other and also often find God’s Spirit touches our hearts. Many people find worshiping through song very uplifting. We mainly use contemporary Christian worship songs but we also usually include one or two hymns each week.

Prayer: Prayer is the act of speaking to God, in particular to ask for his involvement in the world. We try and use a variety of approaches to praying together. Sometimes it is simply someone leading prayer from the front for the rest of us to agree with. Sometimes we use written responses and sometimes we use other interactive or participatory styles of prayer.

Bible Teaching: We want to know God. God has made himself known through Jesus. The Bible is all about Jesus. So by taking time each week to read from the bible and to have it explained and applied to us we can know, love and serve God better.

Fellowship: Fellowship is one of those funny words that Christians use and not many other people do. It means the relationship we have with other believers when we meet around a shared purpose, a shared love of God, and a genuine caring and interest in each other. It is always noticeable after our church services the sense of fellowship as we take time to enjoy each others company and rest in the presence of our church family.