Our Vision

To understand who we are you need to understand who we are becoming. Our vision is not what we have achieved but what we are striving for.


Our Vision – (What we want to become)

  1. We want to become a group of people who have a firm grasp on the mercy and love of God given to us in Jesus Christ, i.e. the gospel story;
  2. to become a community that worships God sacrificially in Spirit and in truth;
  3. to become witnesses to and recipients of God’s transforming power and love;
  4. to become active in our local community and places of work as bringers of God’s compassionate love and eternal truth;
  5. to reflect in our congregation the diversity in age, ethnicity and income of our local community – i.e. Blockhouse Bay and surrounding suburbs;
  6. to do our part in the growth of the kingdom locally, nationally and globally.